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A Reputation of Health and Safety

At Reliant Construction, we’ve worked hard to develop a reputation for being fast, efficient, and honest. As your local well-known service providers, our team members are dedicated to managing each project with the skill and experience that set us above our competition. With open communication throughout each project, we aim to achieve your 100 percent satisfaction.

Quality Control

In an effort to turn out the highest level of quality with all of our projects, we’ve developed a comprehensive Quality Control Plan. This plan provides the necessary supervision, inspections, and tests for all of our work on fabricators, suppliers, purchasing agents, designers, consultants, and other stakeholders involved in our projects. Our goal is that this plan ensures the delivery of the highest-quality projects and achieves compliance with all federal, state, and local regulations.

Safety Culture

Here at Reliant Construction, we take safety seriously; the safety of those in and around our job sites is our priority. We also embrace a collaborative culture of safety and are committed to ensuring your staff, facility users, and members of the public remain safe. You can rest assured that our proactive safety program is managed with the strictest confidence by our highly trained and dedicated safety professionals.
These precise measures will ensure your project stays on track and the goals are effectively achieved. We’ve been proud to boast a consistent safety record thanks to our strict quality standards. As we observe quality with every step, the chance of accidents, injuries, or rework is significantly reduced or eliminated.

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